Baba’s Murali 16-01-2012

16 Jan


Sweet children, sins are performed when you become body conscious. Therefore, promise 

that you will break away from everyone else and forge all relationships with the One. 

Question: What natural scenes do people consider to be acts of God? 

The natural calamities that come in the drama. At the time of destruction, just one wave of an 

ocean will wipe away all the lands and islands. Rehearsals for this continue to take place at 

this time. All of those are natural scenes. People say that they are acts of God, but Baba says: 

I don’t give directions for those. All of those are fixed in the drama.
Song: Who came to the door of my mind with the sound of ankle bells?

Essence for dharna:

1. In order to imbibe knowledge, remain soul conscious as much as possible. Practise being 

bodiless by staying awake at night.
2. No matter how, definitely read and study the murli every day. Don’t miss it for a single day. 

Promise to break away from everyone else and connect yourself to the One.

May you be constantly carefree by increasing your judgement power with the balance of 

karma and yoga.Only those whose intellects are able to make accurate judgement at the 

right time are able to remain constantly carefree because, day by day, the problems and 

circumstances are going to get tighter. At such a time, if there the balance of karma and 

yoga, then with your judgement power you will easily be able to overcome those. When 

you receive BapDada’s blessings, then because of this balance, surprising questions such as: 

“Why did this happen? What happened?” will not arise in your thoughts – you will not have 

such questions. You will always have the firm faith that whatever is happening has benefit 

merged in it.

Slogan: Taste the sweetness of having all relationships with one Baba and do not remember anyone else.

Become merged in God’s love.

Let there be love in your actions, words, relationships and connections and remain 

absorbed in love in your awareness and your stage. To the extent that someone is lovely so 

that one will be able to remain absorbed in love. When you children remain absorbed in the 

Father’s love, you will easily be able to make others equal to yourselves and the Father.

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