Baba’s Murali 17-01-2012

17 Jan


Sweet children, make effort to remove the rust of the vices on the soul by remembering the 

Father, the Almighty Authority. 


What is the main reason why your intellect’s yoga breaks away from the Father and what is 

the easy method to connect it? 


Your intellect’s yoga breaks when you become body conscious, when you forget the 

Father’s orders and by having dirty vision. This is why Baba says: Children, as much as 

possible, remain obedient. Make full effort to become soul conscious. Make the soul pure by 

having remembrance of the imperishable Surgeon. 

Song: You are the fortune of tomorrow.

Essence for dharna: 

1. In order to receive the Father’s blessings, be obedient. Obey the order to become soul 

2. Maya is a mouse and so protect yourself from her. Don’t have greed. Continue to follow 

shrimat fully.


May you make the lesson of One firm in your awareness and achieve success in your 

tapasya and become a constant yogi.


An obedient soul is one who keeps his mind and intellect constantly devoid of following the 

dictates of the self.

Become merged in God’s love.

Remain stable in the stage of being master knowledge-full and a master almighty authority 

and come away from the different queues. Use your time in constantly celebrating a 

meeting with the Father with love and remain absorbed in love and all other matters will 

easily finish. Then there will be a queue of your people and your devotees in front of you.
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