Baba’s Murali 18-01-2012

18 Jan

Essence: Sweet children, now that you belong to the Father, continue to follow shrimat at every step. In order to become ever-healthy, stay in remembrance for ever. 
Question: What is the greatest charity? At the confluence age, whom would you call a charitable soul? 
Answer: To donate the imperishable jewels of knowledge is the greatest charity. At the confluence age, a charitable soul is one who continues to imbibe the jewels of knowledge. At this time, you become beggars of perishable wealth and are becoming full with the wealth of imperishable knowledge; you become wealthy for 21 births. 
Song: Who came today in the early hours of the morning? 

Blessing: May you be an image of tapasya who becomes equal to BapDada as a return of love. 
According to the circumstances and time, in order to bring about intensity in self-progress and service and to give the return of BapDada’s love, there is now great need for tapasya. Children have love for the Father but, as a return of love for BapDada, He wants to see the children equal to Him. In order to become equal, become an image of tapasya. For this, step aside from all directions and become one who has unlimited disinterest. Do not make the shores your support. 
Slogan: Become cool yogis and take others beyond with a vision of coolness.

Become merged in God’s love. 
The divine activities of you gopes and gopis are remembered as your experiencing the happiness of all relationships with the Father and those who remain absorbed in love, that is, are merged in the love of all relationships. So, become merged in the Ocean of Love, that is, become embodiments, the same as the Father. Give a return of love for Brahma Baba by becoming equal.

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