Baba’s Murali 19-01-2012

19 Jan

Essence: Sweet children, perform every action while being sensible. Be careful that Maya 

doesn’t make you perform sinful actions. 

Question: What must you imbibe in order to glorify the Father’s name? 

Answer: In order to glorify the Father’s name, be trustworthy and faithful. Do service with 

honesty. Become the flowing Ganges and continue to give everyone the Father’s message. 

Completely control your physical senses, renounce all desires, behave according to the 

disciplines and don’t be lazy. First of all imbibe knowledge and yoga in yourself and you will 

then be able to glorify the Father’s name.

Song: What has happened to human beings of today?

Essence for dharna:

1. Become as unshakeable and immovable as Angad. Make time and definitely do service 

with honesty and fearlessness. A lot of strength will be received by doing service. 

2. In order to be saved from the illness of body consciousness, eat your food whilst being 

very yogyukt. If possible, prepare the food yourself or only take pure food.

Blessing: May you be a true server who gives all souls a drop of good wishes and pure 


Slogan: Purity is the main foundation of Brahmin life. Even if the greatest calamities come 

to you, you must not let go of your religion. 

Become merged in God’s love.

At this time, you children become merged in remembrance of God on the basis of 

knowledge. To become merged in this way is the stage of being absorbed in love. When 

you remain absorbed in love, that is, when you are lost in love, you become equal to the 

Father. Devotees have referred to this stage as becoming merged.

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