Baba’s Murali 20-01-2012

20 Jan

Essence: Sweet children, imbibe the jewels of knowledge and continue to open spiritual 

hospitals and universities through which everyone can receive health and wealth. 

Question: Which of the Father’s tasks can no human being perform? 

Answer: No human being can perform the task of giving souls the injection of knowledge 

and making them free from disease for all time. How could those who believe souls to be 

immune to the effect of action give the injection of knowledge? This task is only of the one 

imperishable Surgeon who gives such medicine of knowledge and yoga that both the soul 

and body become healthy and wealthy for half a cycle. 

Song: This time is passing by.

Essence for dharna: 

1. In order to come close to the Father, stay on the spiritual pilgrimage. Stay awake at night 

and definitely remain on the pilgrimage of the intellect.

2. Become a true Brahmin and uplift 21 generations. Become a spinner of the discus of self-

realisation. In order to conquer death, remove all attachment to that old skin.

Blessing: May you be a conqueror of Maya and a great soul who remains stable on the seat 

of an elevated stage. 

Slogan: Become a messenger of peace and donate peace to everyone. This is your 


Become merged in God’s love. 

When someone is merged in an ocean, he cannot see anything but the ocean. Similarly, to 

become merged in the Father, the Ocean of all virtues is known as the stage of being 

absorbed in love. So, it is not a question of merging in the Father but being merged in 

remembrance of the Father and in His love.

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