Baba’s Murali 25-01-2012

31 Jan
Essence: Sweet children, in order to claim the full inheritance from the Father, you definitely have to donate the vices, become soul conscious and, since you say, “Mama, Baba”, become worthy. 

Question: Due to which one reason do children who have become theists become atheists? 
Answer: Because of body consciousness, children say that they know everything and so they don’t stop behaving in their old ways. Even after being shot by knowledge, they continue to be shot by Maya. By forgetting, “I am a soul and I have to become soul conscious”, even those who have become theists become atheists. They leave God’s lap and die.

Song: If not today, then tomorrow, these clouds will disperse!

Essence for dharna:
1. Always remain honest with the Father. After donating the vices, don’t become Bhasmasur (devil who burnt himself to death). Definitely follow the order of purity.
2. Finish the subtle intoxication of vices with the power of yoga. Study very well and also teach others.

Blessing: May you be a conqueror of matter and a conqueror of Maya by staying in the intoxication of self-sovereignty by being seated on the immortal throne and the heart-throne.

Slogan: In order to attain success in thoughts, continue to fly with the power of the soul.

Become merged in God’s love.
Moths who have lost the awareness of the body remain constantly merged in the love of the Flame. Just as the Flame is a form of light, in the same way, become a form of light and might, the same as the Flame.

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