Baba’s Murali 26-01-2012

31 Jan
Essence: Sweet children, you have to make this forest of thorns into a garden of divine flowers and construct the new world. 

Question: What service, which no one else can do, do you children do with the Father? 
Answer: Only you children, together with the Father, do the service of establishing the sun and moon-dynasty kingdoms. No one else in the whole world can do this. You are now laying the foundation of the new world. Therefore, this old world will definitely be destroyed. To create a garden of divine flowers and to destroy the forest of thorns is the task of the Father alone.

Song: Salutations to Shiva.

Essence for dharna:
1. Do the service of purifying Bharat by following shrimat. Stop following the dictates of Ravan and follow the shrimat of the one Father.
2. Forget this land of sorrow and remember your sweet home, the land of peace. Prepare yourselves to go to the new world.

Blessing: May you be knowledge-full and a seer of three aspects of time by remaining constantly happy and content while knowing all the significance of the drama.

Slogan: Those who remain innocent of waste are true saints.

Become merged in God’s love.
We are the souls of the previous cycle who have attained the Father once again. Therefore, experience yourself to be swinging in the swing of that bliss, happiness, love and joy. You have once again become aware of the old recognition. Therefore, become an embodiment of remembrance and merge into the Ocean of Love.

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