Baba’s Murali 29-01-2012

31 Jan
Only the children who are seated on Baba’s heart-throne are the fortunate ones. 
Only those who remain beyond limited attractions and personalities are true Vaishnavs. 

Blessing: May you be a world transformer and order matter with your stage of perfection.
When you world transformer-souls collectively have the thought to transform the world with your complete and perfect stage, matter will then begin the dance of total upheaval. The upheaval of the wind, the earth, the ocean and water etc. will do the cleansing. However, matter will only obey your orders when your co-operative physical organs, your mind, intellect and sanskars, obey your orders. Together with that, you should also have such an elevated stage of powerful tapasya that all of you have the thought at the same time to have transformation and matter will then become ready.

Slogan: While creating the fortune of others at the same time as creating your own fortune, continue to remind everyone constantly of God.

Become merged in God’s love.
Just as you children remember the Father with love, in the same way, in order to give you loving children a multimillion-fold return, the Father comes into the corporeal world to meet you. The Father makes you children bodiless and incorporeal the same as He is, and children, with their love, make the incorporeal and subtle fathers corporeal, the same as themselves. This is the wonder of the children’s love.

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