Baba’s Murali Feb.2012

01 Feb


Essence: Sweet children, follow the Father’s shrimat at every step and imbibe the Father’s teachings; this is having mercy for yourselves.
Question: How are the child emperor and the master, the adviser, together with one another at this time?
Answer: The child emperor is the vice of lust and the master, the adviser, is anger. The two are deeply connected to each other. All human beings are under the influence of these two at present. Someone who becomes a child of the Father, but then comes under the influence of lust or anger, would become one who defames the Father. Such children cross out their fortune. Baba says: Sweet children, conquer these enemies. It is said of anger: Wherever there is anger, even the urn of water would dry up.
Song: Do not forget the days of your childhood!
Essence for dharna:
1. You must completely surrender yourself to the Lord from deep within your heart. Become a complete trustee and follow shrimat at every step. Forget everything including your body and be alone.
2. After becoming Baba’s child, you must not create any obstacles in the Father’s task. You must not perform any task that would defame Baba’s name. Become obedient and faithful.
Blessing: May you be an intense effort-maker and claims the first number by following Father Brahma and keeping your destination in front of you.
An intense effort-maker always has his destination in front of him. He never looks around here and there. Souls who claim the first number do not see anything wasteful while seeing it, they do not hear anything wasteful while hearing it. They always keep their destination in front of them and follow Father Brahma. Father Brahma considered himself to be karanhar (one who does). He performed actions and never considered himself to be Karavanhar (one who gets it done) and he therefore always remained light while fulfilling his responsibilities. Follow the father in the same way.
Slogan: Hear but do not hear anything that is going to spoil your stage.
02-02-2012, Thursday

Essence: Sweet children, the biggest personality of all in the whole cycle is this Brahma. The Father enters him and you have to follow him.
Question: What special virtue of Bap and Dada do you children have to imbibe?
Answer: The Father is incorporeal and egoless and Dada, whilst being in the corporeal form, is also constantly egoless. While being such a big personality, he remains so simple. On the one hand, this one is the container of Baba, the Highest on High, who makes you into a diamond. On the other hand, you say that this one is the oldest of all, the long boot whom the Father enters. Both are present to serve you children. Similarly, you children have to follow the Father and serve while being egoless.

Song: Salutations to Shiva.
Essence for dharna:
1. Become as egoless and incorporeal as BapDada. Serve everyone.
2. Tie a rakhi of purity for liberation and liberation-in-life. Sit on the pyre of knowledge.

Blessing: May you be multimillion times fortunate and with the power of God’s love make the impossible possible.
Slogan: Accumulate blessings through your elevated deeds and elevated activities and a situation as big as a mountain will then be experienced to be like cotton-wool.
03-02-2012, Friday
Essence: Sweet children, to make all unhappy souls happy is the duty of the one Father alone. He alone is the Bestower of Salvation for All.
Question: What method does the Father tell you children about in order for you to go into the stage of ascending?
Answer: Baba says: Sweet children, listen to only that which I tell you. Forget everything else you have heard because you have continued to come down through that.
Question: Which deep secret do you children understand in which the essence of all the Vedas and scriptures is merged?
Answer: How Brahma becomes Vishnu and Vishnu becomes Brahma and how they emerge from the navel of one another is a deep secret that only you children understand. This is the essence of all the Vedas and scriptures.
Song: Show the path to the blind, dear God!
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to become completely pure, become unadulterated. Listen to only the one Father. Remember only the One.
2. Become God’s helper and serve to make Bharat pure. Have a loving intellect for the one Father.

Blessing: May you be a complete trustee who finishes the defect of the consciousness of “mine” and experiences the self to be full.
Slogan: In order to become equal to the Father, let your understanding, your desires and your deeds all become equal.
04-02-2012, Saturday
Essence: Sweet children, you have to claim the kingdom through your study. This study will make you doubly crowned. You are establishing your own kingdom for yourselves.
Question: In which task do people make a lot of effort but are unable to accomplish anything, because it is the task of the Father alone?
Answer: To make the peace-less world peaceful is the task of the Father alone. People make effort for everyone to unite and for there to be peace in the whole world. They even give peace prizes to one another, but they do not know that there used to be peace in the world when it was the kingdom of Rama, and that because it is now the kingdom of Ravan, there cannot be any peace here.
Song: Who created this play and hid Himself away?
Essence for dharna:
1. By following the Father’s shrimat and with the power of purity, you have to do the service of making this impure world pure. You have to establish your kingdom for yourself.
2. Constantly remember the Father from beyond this world, who is the sweetest of all, and from whom you receive the inheritance of heaven, and claim your kingdom with the power of yoga.

Blessing: May you be a master almighty authority who is full of all powers and who uses every power.
Slogan: To forget your attainments means to get tired; therefore, always keep your attainments in front of you.
05-02-2012, Sunday

BapDada’s special preference is purity and the foundation of knowledge is purity.

Blessing: May you be victorious through the practice of the avyakt stage and being bodiless at the time of upheaval everywhere.
Slogan: In order to make your efforts intense, tighten the loose screw of carelessness.
06-02-2012, Monday
Essence: Sweet children, you are now being sustained with God’s treasures. Your duty is to distribute the treasures of knowledge and benefit everyone.
Question: What wonderful games do you children play when there are omens of Maya?
Answer: When there are bad omens, you forget all three, the highest-on-high Father, the Teacher and the Guru. The wonder is that even very good children who had faith in the intellect say, “I don’t believe this. They are amazed by the knowledge when they hear it, they relate it and then they run away! Today, they say “Mama, Baba” and tomorrow, they disappear. One doesn’t even come to know! However, Baba says that they all will still come because they all are to receive refuge from the one Father.
Song: Salutations to Shiva!
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to go into the stage of ascending, follow shrimat at every step. Recognise the Father accurately, be soul conscious and have full regard for Him.
2. Pay full attention to Godly service. Make your intellect clean and unlimited through remembrance.

Blessing: May you be master merciful and forgive others with merciful feelings as well as being a teacher.
Slogan: Maya cannot come to those whose aprons are filled with God’s blessings
07-02-2011, Tuesday
Essence: sweet children, constantly maintain the spiritual intoxication that the Father has come to take you back home. Everyone now has to return home.
Question: What is the greatest act of charity that you children perform at this time?
Answer: To surrender everything you have to Shiv Baba is a great act of charity. By surrendering everything and following shrimat fully, you receive a very high status.
Question: What one new thing sits with great difficulty in the intellects of human beings?
Answer: That Shiv Baba who is incorporeal has entered the body of Brahma and that He is the greatest personality of all. The fact that His part is the highest-on-high is something new and it sits in the intellects of people with great difficulty.
Song: Who has come here in the early hours of the morning?
Essence for dharna:
1. Become a helper in the Father’s service of creating the new kingdom. Do the service of changing thorns into flowers.
2. Practise staying in remembrance for a minimum of eight hours. Don’t be afraid of death because your intellect is aware that you now have to return home.

Blessing: May you be a master of all treasures and become an instrument for world transformation through self-transformation.
08-02-2012, Wednesday
Essence: sweet children, look in the mirror of your heart to see that there are no evil spirits in you . Continue to make effort to remove the evil spirit .
Question: What is the unique system that exists between the Father and the children at the confluence age ?
Answer: In the world, children say namaste to their father, where as here, the Father says namaste to you children . The Father Himself says: Sweet children, I have come and engaged Myself in serving you children, and so you children are even more elevated than I am . Secondly, I am the ego less and incorporeal Father and so I would definitely say namaste first. This is a unique system of the confluence age .
Song: Awaken o brides, awaken ! The new day is about to dawn .
Essence for dharna
1.Renounce body consciousness and keep the seniors ahead of you . If someone debates with you, don’t loose your honour but refer him to your seniors .
2.Charity begins at home. First of all, benefit your family. While living at home, remain as pure as lotus.
Blessing:  May you be an embodiment of happiness who creates a stage of happiness through your elevated awareness .
Slogan: To protect one’s treasure of time from being wasted is the sign of an intense effort maker .
09-02-2012, Thursday
Essence: Sweet children, become sensible and examine your chart. Check that none of your physical senses are deceiving you. If you make a mistake during the day, then punish yourself.
Question: What is the basis of doing true business with the Father and claiming a high 
Answer: If you want to do true business with the Father, only follow the Father’s directions. Baba says: Children, if you want to claim a high status, remove the bad habits you have within you. Bad vision and anger etc. cause a lot of damage. Therefore, keep in your intellects the deep philosophy of action, neutral action and sinful action that the Father has explained to you.
Essence for dharna:
1. Make the vision of brother and sister and brotherhood very firm. Remain very cautious. Don’t perform any actions that would defame the Father’s name.
2. Don’t have any doubts about the Father. Remember the Father with a lot of love. Pay attention to your study day and night and accumulate an income.
Blessing: May you be an intense effort-maker and crosses any mountain of problems with your flying stage.
Slogan: To make the atmosphere powerful with an attitude of remembrance is true service through the mind.
10-02-2012, Friday
Essence: sweet children, this study is very elevated. Only in this does Maya, Ravan, cause obstacles. Remain cautious about this .
Question: When will the service you are doing expand ?
Answer: When you children who are doing service become complete destroyers of attachment, firm and Yogyukt, the service you are doing will grow and you will become instruments to uplift everyone. When your intellects have full faith and you put every direction of the Father in to practice, there will be success in service.

Song: I am small child .
Essence for dharna
1.Become wealthy with the wealth of knowledge and do service to glorify the Father’s name. Become one with faith in intellect . Don’t have doubts about anything.
2.In order to claim your full inheritance from the Father, let go the attachment you have to things that you consider yours . Don’t have any intoxication of a worldly inheritance .
Blessing: May you be a humble instrument who remains light by handling over the burden of all your responsibilities to the Father .
Slogan: A jewel of contentment is one whose decoration of life is contentment .
11-02-2012, Saturday
Essence: Sweet Children, the Father has come to make the orphans belong to Lord and Master, to liberate everyone from sorrow and take them to the land of happiness .
Question: What patience does the Father give his children every cycle ?
Answer: Sweet children, remain carefree . It is My duty  to establish peace in the world and to liberate everyone from sorrow . I have come to liberate you children from this kingdom of Ravan & take you to the kingdom of Rama . It is my duty to take you children back .
Song: Leave your throne of the sky & come down to earth .
Essence for dharna
1.Become alighthouse . Let the land of peace be in one eye and the land of happiness in other eye . Don’t see this land of sorrow while seeing it .
2.Become full of knowledge, the same as the Father, and make full effort to claim unlimited happiness . Give others the knowledge that you have received .
Blessing: May you be master almighty authority who make all your physical senses work under your laws & orders .
Slogan: To use all your power at the right time is to become a master almighty authority .
12-02-2012, Sunday

The words of souls who are instruments for world benefit are always beneficial.
Blessing:May you be full of good wishes and pure feelings and always remain alert with the awareness of your responsibility.
Slogan: Reveal the Father, the Bestower of Support, through your everyday deed and many souls will receive support.
13-02-2012, Monday
Essence: Sweet children, although the Father is called Janijananhar, the One who knows everything about everyone, each of you definitely has to give your news to Him. When you give your news, you will be cautioned.
Question: Since the unlimited world has to be made into heaven, what is the duty of sensible children?
Answer: Each of you has to give your news accurately to the Father. If you give the Father your news accurately, He will give you guidance about the particular evil spirit you have in you and why there is disservice. Now reform your behaviour! Renounce the desires of body consciousness. The unlimited world has to be made into heaven and, therefore, the vision that the Father has for you all is that you have to give knowledge to everyone. He is especially concerned about the poor.
Song: The heart says thanks to the One who has given it support.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to make progress, give the true news of your study and your behaviour to the Father. Make your life and the lives of others like diamonds.
2. Whilst looking after your family, follow shrimat completely. Become sensible and transfer everything you have to heaven.
Blessing: May you be loving and detached, the same as the Father, by handing everything over to the Father and remaining double light.
Slogan: Only those who remain within the line of the code of conduct are the highest beings who follow the highest code of conduct.
14-02-2012, Tuesday
Essence: Sweet children, in order to become free from the illness of Maya, continue to eat an apple of knowledge and yoga every day.
Question: What effort must you make to go into the karmateet stage?
Answer: Have such practice that you don’t remember anyone except the one Father with your intellect. Your final thoughts will lead you to your destination. When your stage becomes such that you don’t remember anyone else with your intellect, you will remain constantly cheerful and also reach your karmateet stage. Your effort is to become soul conscious. Let the soul see the soul and talk to the soul and there will continue to be happiness and your stage will become unshakeable.
Song: You are the Mother and You are the Father.
Essence for dharna:
1. In order to remain constantly cheerful, become soul conscious. We souls are brothers; make this vision firm.
2. Become spiritual social workers and give the soul an injection of knowledge. Serve everyone spiritually.

Blessing: May you be a hero actor and play your part accurately by considering the problems in the drama to be a game.
Slogan: Those who remain constantly happy and content are worthy of being praised.
15-02-2012, Wednesday
Esence: Sweet Children, constantly stay in the intoxication of knowledge, and than thoughts of the future new world  will automatically enter your intellects.
Question: Which aspect should you children, who are to attain a deity status, remove from within yourselves ?
Answer: Remove the bad odour of the body consciousness that is within you even now. Do not have any attachment to those old, diseased bodies, because they have to be renounced. You are becoming deities who sit in temples, and deities should not have these things in them. Baba does not like body consciousness in the children at all . Therefore, Baba says: Children may be soul conscious !
Song: No one is unique like the Innocent Lord…..
Essence for dharna:
1.Follow the father’s orders and do the service of changing thrones into flowers . Remove the thorns from within yourselves and become fragrant flowers .
2.Follow God’s directions and become worthy of claiming blessings from the Father . You have to conquer death .
Blessing: May you be in the combined form and with the awareness of the company of the Almighty Authority, always experience success .
Slogan: In order to receive everyone’s blessings, continue to say “Ha ji” (Yes indeed) and extend your hand of cooperation .
16-02-2012, Thursday
Essence: Sweet children, light the essence stick of knowledge and yoga at amrit vela every day and evil spirit of the vices will run away .
Question: Which one mistake allows all the many evil spirits to enter you ?
Answer: When you forget that you are a soul, many evil spirits enter you . The evil spirit of body consciousness is the biggest evil spirit of all, because all the others come following it . Therefore, make as much effort as possible to remain soul conscious .
Song: People of today are in darkness….
Essence for dharna
1.First of all, make effort to become soul conscious; never become body conscious . Become merciful and uplift those who defame you .
2.In order to chase away the evil spirits, make special efforts to stay in remembrance at amrit vela . Become Baba’s helpers to plant the sapling of the sweet tree .
Blessing: May you be an image of support for the world and transform your world with your elevated vision & attitude .
Slogan: Perform every action with a right while detached and nothing will then be able to tie you in bondage to itself .
17-02-2012, Friday
Essence: sweet children, pour the oil of yoga into the lamp of soul and the soul will become powerful.
Question: What is the basis of the battery of the soul being filled with power ?
Answer: In order to fill the battery of soul with power, you need the power of intellect’s yoga . When you  remember the Almighty Authority Father with with the power of intellect’s yoga, the battery become charged . Unless  there is power in the battery, you can not imbibe knowledge . it takes time for there to be complete light in the soul . As you continue to remember Baba, you will than have full light.
Song: O traveller of the night, do not become weary.
Essence for dharna
1.Conquer Maya,Ravan with remembrance of Alpha . Give everyone the introduction of Alpha .
2.Don’t become tired on the pilgrimage of remembrance . To charge your battery, remember the Almighty Authority Father.
Blessing: May you be a confluence-aged angel who is to become a deity by eating and feeding others the “prabhu-prasad” ( holy offering) of divine virtues .
Slogan: To maintain constant zeal and enthusiasm is the breath of brahmin life .
18-02-2012, Saturday
Essence: Sweet children, the Father has come at the confluence age to serve you children with His heart and His life . This drama is now ending and all of you have to return home .
Question: Why can’t you children attain your karmateet stage now, but only at the end ?
Answer: When you souls become karmateet, you need a body made of pure elements . At present the five elements are impure . When the elements become pure, you can attain your karmateet stage . when you children become completely pure, you will not be able to stay here . When you become pure, you need a pure body in the pure world . This is why, at present, you are half-castes . At the end, you will be able to have full yoga of intellect; you will become pure; all your sins will have been dissolved and you will attain your karmateet stage .
Song: The Resident of Faraway Land has come to the foreign land .
Essence for dharna stable in your original religion of peace . You now have to return home . Therefore, let there be remembrance of the Father; this is the silent unending mantra .
2.In order to become karmateet, you must become completely pure . The burden of sins that you have can only be removed by staying on the pilgrimage of remembrance . Conquer the vices with the power of remembrance .
Blessing: May you let virtues emerge together with knowledge and become full of all virtues and number one .
Slogan: To transform negative into positive with the power of silence is to serve with your mind .
19-02-2012, Sunday
Reavised Course 16-10-1995

Bapdada’s desireis that the year of the Diamond jubilee be celebrated as the year of being free from attachment.

Blessing: May you be in the combined form and experience His company by constantly considering the Lord to be present with you .
Slogan: To keep your mind constantly in spiritual pleasure is the art of living .
20-02-2012, Monday (Shivratri)
Essence: Sweet children, that body is Ravan’s property . You have to give it to Ravan, become bodiless and return home . Therefore, remove your attachment from it .
Question: what is the way to donate peace and happiness to the world ?
Answer: wake up early in the morning, be bodiless and sit in remembrance of the Father . This is the way to donate peace to the world . The way to donate happiness is to spin the discus of self-realisation . It is only with knowledge and yoga that you become ever healthy and wealthy . The world will than become new .
Song: Take me into your refuge, O Rama….
Essence for dharana
1.Forget the relatives of the old world, including your own body, and consider yourself to be soul . Invoke the new home with your intellect .
2.Wakw up early in the morning and donate peace & happiness to the whole world .
Blessing: May you be filled with eight powers and make your stage elevated according to the time and the circumstances .
Slogan: When you constantly have the slogan, ” whatever action I perform, others who see me will do the same” in your awareness, every action will be elevated .
21-02-2012, Tuesday
Essence: Sweet obedient children, you must always stay in supersensuous joy , you must never cry, because you have now found the highest-on-high Father .
Question: Why is the supersensuous joy of you gopes & gopis, and not that of the deities, remembered ?
Answer: you have now become the children of God . You are those who change human being in to deities, whereas when you become deities, you will begin to come down and than the degrees will decrease . This is why there is no praise of their happiness. Therefore, it is the happiness of you children that is remembered .
Song: The heart says thanks to the One who gives it support….
Essence for dharna
1.Follow the Father’s advice at every step . You must sacrifice yourself completely . Sit wherever Baba seats you & eat whatever He feeds you . Become obedient to this extent .
2.Let your activity be royal and elevated . You are Godly children and you must therefore interact with everyone with great royalty . you must never cry .
Blessing: you must be unshakeable and immovable and merge all upheaval with the awareness of being a master almighty authority .
Just as you remain aware of the occupation of body, in the same way, the occupation of Brahmin life should remain in an emerged form . There should be the intoxification of this in your every action all upheaval will become merged and you will remain constantly unshakeable and immovable . When the awareness of being a master almighty authority remain constantly in the emerge form than no weakness can bring you in to any type of upheaval because you are able to use every power at the right time . you also have controlling power therefore your thought and actions are equal .
Slogan: Instead of becoming afraid in delicate situations, learn a lesson from them and make yourself strong .
22-02-2012, Wednesday
Essence: Sweet children, always maintain the intoxication that the Father, the Ocean of Knowledge, has given you knowledge and make you in to spinners of the discus of self-realisation and seers of the three aspects of time . you are Brahmins who belong to the clan of Brahma .
Question: How is that you children become multimillion times fortunate as soon as you became Brahmins ?
Answer: To become a Brahmin means to attain liberation-in-life in a second . As soon as you became a child of the Father, you receive a right to the inheritance . So, liberation-in-life is your right, and you are therefore multimillion times fortunate . There continues to be untimely death . You children are now gaining victory over death . You also have the knowledge of the three aspects of time . Shivbaba filling your aprons for 21 births .
Essence for dharna
1.Remove this old world from your intellect and have unlimited disinterest . Remove the evil spirit of body consciousness .
2.Be obedient like the Father and serve everyone . Make others similar to you . Don’t be confused about anything .
Blessing: May you be an intense effort-maker who remains everready by considering every moment to be the final moment .
Slogan: In order to pass with honour in delicate times, increase the power to adjust .
23-02-2012, Thursday    
Essence: Sweet children, the Father has come to make you children as bodiless as He is . When you become bodiless, you can return home with the Father .
Question: By following which of the Father’s order you can become a constant yogi ?
Answer: The Father’s first order is: Children, you have to forget  your body . If you forget it and have faith that you are a soul, you will be able to have constant remembrance of the Father . Always make this one lesson firm: I, the soul, am a resident of the incorporeal world . Through this, the ego of your body will end . If you have no remembrance of bodily beings in your intellect you can become a constant yogi .
Song: Having found You, we have found the whole world . The earth and the sky belongs to us….
Essence for dharna
1.We Brahmins are the highest topknot . Stay in this intoxication and do the service of making Bharat the most elevated by following shrimat . Be theists and make others the same 
2.Renounce the ego of the body and become soul conscious . Make full effort to become those without an image ( bodiless).
Blessing: May you be a true Raj Rishi who, together with self-sovereignty, also adopts an attitude of unlimited disinterest .
Slogan: A sensible person is one who makes the one Father his support before all other supports break .
24-02-2012, Friday
Essence: Sweet children, you are the true Vyas, children of Sukhdev (God of Happiness) who relate the true Gita and give happiness to everyone. You have to study well and also teach others and give them happiness.
Question: What is the highest destination for which you are making effort to reach?
Answer: To consider yourself to be bodiless and conquer body consciousness is the highest destination, because body consciousness is the greatest enemy. You have to make such effort that you don’t remember anyone except the Father. You have to shed your body and go to the Father. You should not even remember your body. This is the effort you have to make.
Song: Take us away from this world of sin to a world of rest and comfort.
Essence for Dharna:
1. Cut away all your bondages with the power of yoga and become free. You mustn’t have any attachment to anyone.
2. Follow fully all the directions that you receive from God. Study well and also teach others. Do not consider yourself to be too clever.
Blessing: May you be a true tapaswi whose mind and intellect sit on the seat of a constant and stable stage.
Slogan: To harmonise your own ideas with the ideas of others and to give respect to everyone is the way to become worthy of respect.
24-02-2012, Saturday
29-02-2012, Wednesday
Essence: Sweet children, don’t make any mistakes in this study . Continue to fill your aprons with the imperishable jewels of knowledge . Don’t chase after perishable wealth and thereby stop earning an income .
Question: What are the signs of children who become merciful, the same as the Father ?
Answer: They are intoxicated with knowledge, they imbibe the jewels of knowledge and continue to give others the injection of knowledge and liberate everyone from following devilish dictates .



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