Baba’s Murali March2012

29 Feb
01-03-2012, Thursday
Essence: Sweet children, the Father is your Father, Teacher & Guru. Belong to Him while alive and become threaded in the rosary around his neck.
Question: On the basis of which faith do you children become firm Brahmins ?
Answer: The first faith you have is that whatever you can see with your eyes, including your body, is old, that this world is very dirty and it is not worth living in. We receive our inheritance of the new world from the Father. On the basis of this faith, you belong to the Father and you die to this world and old world ans old body while alive . You have the faith that it is only from the Father that you receive the kingdom of the world .
Song: To live in your lane and to die in your lane…
Essence for dharna
1.Don’t have love for agent who gives you knowledge, but remember Shiv Baba alone . He is the One Who gives you the donation of life .
2.Whilst keeping this unlimited play in your intellect, maintain unlimited happiness . Renounce the consciousness of the body and practice being bodiless .
Blessing: May you be a great donor and becomes full of knowledge, virtues and power and than donate them .
Slogan: No one can impress anyone who is impressed by the one Father alone .
02-03-2012, Friday
Essence: sweet children, the unlimited light is now ending and the day is about to come . You have to return home . Therefore stop wandering to every doorstep .
Question: On the basis of what practice will you children be able to do very good service ?
Answer: If you are able to maintain the practice of having at least 8 hours remembrance, you can do very good service, because it is through having remembrance that you are able to spread vibrations of peace & purity into the atmosphere of the whole world .It is only through remembrance that your sins will be absolved and you will receive a high status . This is why you must never become tired while on this spiritual pilgrimage . Renounce any awareness of the body and constantly practice being soul conscious .
Song: O traveller of the night, do not become weary ! The destination of the dawn is not far off….
Essence for dharna
1.Have firm faith in the intellect and maintain the determination of never letting go of the Father’s hand and of repeatedly remembering the Father and your home .
2.Make effort to become soul conscious . In order to be liberated from Ravan’s jail, the five vices, follow shrimat . Make effort to become worthy of being temple .
Blessing: May you be an image that grants blessings with the cool water of mercy to souls who are under another influence .
Slogan: Stay in the pleasure of the mela (fair) of meeting God and the jamela (chaos) of Maya will finish .
03-03-2012, Saturday
Essence: Sweet children, you have been following the dictates of human beings for half a cycle . Now follow My shrimat and become pure & you will become the masters of the pure world .
Question: Which blessings does the unlimited Father give the children, and which children receive those blessings ?
Answer: The Father gives the blessings: Children, you will remain constantly happy for 21 births . You will remain immortal ; death will never come to you . You will not experience untimely death . Kamdhenu ( cow who fulfils all desires), the mother, will fulfil all your desires, but you will have to renounce that poison (vice) . Only those who follow shrimat in this last birth to become pure, and make others pure, receive these blessings . Baba says: Children, the world is changing . Therefore, you must definitely become pure .
Sons: Salutations to Shiva…
Essence for dharna
1.Cut your bonds with knowledge and yoga . Forget this land of sorrow and remember the land of peace and the land of happiness .
2.No matter how much you have to tolerate, even if you have to shed your body, definitely obey the order that the Father has given you to become pure . Never become impure .
Blessing: May you always be in a state of happiness by remaining ever-healthy, wealthy & happy by eating the instant, visible fruit of service .
Slogan: Purity is the mirror of cleanliness and truth .
04-03-2102, Sunday

Become free from attachment even in your dreams 

Blessing: May you be a world server and finish any bondage of karma with the bondage of service. 
While living at home with your family, never think that those are your karmic accounts or karmic bondages, but that it is also service. By your becoming tied in the bondage of service, karmic bondages finish. Unless you have the feeling to serve, karmic bondages will continue to pull you. If there are karmic bondages, there will be waves of sorrow and if there is the bondage of service, there will be happiness. Therefore, finish karmic bondages with the bondage of service. Wherever world servers are in the world, they are there for world service. 
Slogan: Maintain the awareness of your deity form and no one’s vision of waste fill fall on you. 
05-03-2012, Monday
Essence: Sweet Children, the more you serve yagya with a lot of love, the more income tere will be . By serving, you become free from bondage and your income accumulates .
Question: What method must you adopt in order to keep yourself constantly happy ?
Answer: Keep yourself busy in service and you will remain constantly happy and also continue to earn an income . At the time of serving, you should not have thoughts of wanting to rest . The more service you do, the more happiness you should have . Be honest and serve with a lot of love . together with serving, also become sweet , You children should not have any weakness .
Song: This time is passing by…
Esence for dharna
1.During the day, perform actions for the livelihood of your body and definitely do spiritual service in the mornings & evenings to make your life a diamond . Liberate everyone from the chains of Ravan .
2.Remain very cautious that Maya doesn’t make you commit any sin . Never commit any sin through the physical senses . Remove all devilish traits .
Blessing: May you be a conqueror of Maya and by staying within the line of the code of conduct become victorious by constantly experiencing the canopy of protection .
Slogan: The practice of becoming bodiless is the basis of bringing the time of completion close .
06-03-2012, Tuesday
Essence: Sweet Children, You now belong to the Father in order to die to this world . Therefore, make your stage so firm that, at the end, you remember no one but the Father .
Question: What very intense fire is raging over the world at this time ? What is the method to extinguish it ?
Answer: At present, there is the fire of lust over the whole world; this fire is the most intense . There is only one spiritual mission that can extinguish this fire . For this, you have to make yourself into a fire brigade . Without having the power of yoga, you can not extinguish this fire . The vice of lust totally destroys everyone, and this is why you should make full effort to chase away this evil spirit .
Song:  The flame has ignited in the gathering for the moths….
Essence for dharna
1.This play is now ending and we have to return to to the land of liberation . Stay in this happiness and renounce arrogance of the old body .
2.Follow the directions of the one Father . Do not give the Father your own directions . Have faith in the intellect and continue to follow the shrimat  you have received from the Father .
Blessing: May you be a conqueror of Maya and remain free from looking at others with the awareness of your title of ” A spinner of the discs of self-realisation “
At the confluence age, the Father Himself gives you children various titles . Keep those titles in your awareness and you will easily be able to stabilise yourself in an elevated stage . Do not just speak about it with your intellect, but sit yourself on that seat; as is the title so should be your stage . If you keep the title of “A spinner f the discs of self-realisation” in your awareness, you will not then spin the discs of looking at others . A spinner of the discs of self-realisation means a conqueror of Maya . Maya will not have the courage to come in front of such a soul . No one can stay in front of the discs of self-realisation .
Slogan: Experience the stage of retirement and give that experience to others too and games of childhood will finish .
07-03-2012, Wednesday
Essence: Sweet Children, on the path of knowledge, your thoughts have to be very pure . If you tell lies or do something wrong while earning a true income, there will be a great loss .
Question: What are the signs of the fortunate children who are to claim a high status ?
Answer: They never perform any bad actions . They sacrifice their bones in serving the yagna . They do not have any greed . They give a lot of happiness and only let jewels of knowledge emerge from their lips . They are very sweet . While seeing this old world, they do not see it . They never have the thought, ” I will see whatever is in my fortune.” Baba says: The Children who do that are of no use . You have to make very good effort .
Song: Our pilgrimage is unique….
Essence for dharna
1.Become sweet and reveal the Mother & Father . If there is the slightest bitterness you must remove it . You must be definitely become as sweet and lovely as the Father .
2.You must not do anything without taking shrimat . Only through shrimat is a true income earned .
Blessing: May you be free from attachment and attain God’s love by remaining detached from worldliness while living at home with your family .
Slogan: Remain constantly content and full of treasures and then though situation will come, they will change .
08-03-2011, Thursday
Essence: Sweet Children,  you have to make your fortune like a diamond . Make effort to claim your full inheritance of heaven from the Father .
Question: By keeping what secret in your intellect in a very vise manner will you experience limitless happiness ?
Answer: That of the drama . Every actor in this drama has received an imperishable part which he has to play . No one’s part can be erased or ended . That which is predestined is taking place . There can not be any change in this . When the cycle ends, that same part will repeat second by second . this is a very deep secret and if you keep it in your intellect in a fully wise manner you will remain happy . Otherwise, there will be confusion . Baba says : Children, don’t be confused . Have faith in the Father and make efforts to claim your full inheritance .
Song: having found you, we have found the whole world; the sky and the earth all belongs to us.
Essence for dharna
1.Don’t go crazy about the old world. Transfer your bags & baggage . Insure everything you have .
2.If you don’t have attachment to anything, do the service of changing shells into diamonds . Only by donating your wealth of knowledge will it increase .
Blessing: May you be an avyakt angel and bodiless and with powerful breaks go beyond gross feelings in a second .
Slogan: Continue to eat the nourishment of happiness and your mind and intellect will  become powerful .
09-03-2012, Friday
Essence: Sweet Children, you have the faith that you are studying at confluence age in order to earn an income for the future . The Father teaches us and gives us an inheritance for 21 births .
Question: What is the method to have mercy & blessings for yourself ?
Answer: In order to have mercy & blessings for yourself, continue to study the Father’s knowledge every day . Never become careless in study being influenced by bad company . Those who constantly follow shrimat have mercy for themselves . They also continue to receive blessings from the Father .
Song: I am a small child; You are Almighty God .
Essence for dharna
1.Become free from your karmic bandages and study this spiritual knowledge everyday . Definitely study for as long as you live .
2.Renounce attachment to your limited relations and your own body, and remember your land of peace and land of happiness . Guard yourself from the influence of bad company .
Blessing: May you be a self-transformer and so a world transformer who transforms the negative into positive .
Slogan: Only those who keep the knowledge of the drama in their awareness are able to become victorious with the method of “nothing new” .

10-03-2012, Saturday   
Essence: Sweet Children, Baba has come to make you into true Vaishnavas . You are now being transferred and being changed from ugly to beautiful .
Question: What is the title of those who fulfill everyone’s desires ? Which desires do you have to fulfill ?
Answer: You are Kandhenu, children of the world Mother, the ones who fulfill everyone’s desires  
Everyone desires to receive liberation and liberation-in-life . Therefore, the children of the world  Mother & the world Father have to continue to show everyone the path to liberation and liberation-in-life . This is your business .
Song: Mother, you are the World Mother….
Essence for dharna
1.Make full effort to become worthy of being worshiped . Do not allow yourself to be worshiped. Only when the soul and the body are both pure will you be worthy of worship .
2.Become sensible and clever and do service while having benevolent feelings . Become a true Vaishnava with divine virtues .
Blessing: May you be an easy effort-maker and make the specialty of your Brahmin birth your natural nature . 
Slogan: In order to remain double light, be a destroyer of obstacles .
11-03-2012, Sunday
Avyakt Bapdada Revised 30-05-1974

Constantly co-operate with the Father and be ever ready for spiritual service !

Avyakt Bapdada Revised 21-06-1974

In order to make a booking for an elevated status, it is essential to have subtle checking !

Blessing: May you be an intense effort-maker and with the awareness of being the form of light remain light from the burden of waste .
Slogan: In order to become a carefree emperor, surrender your body, mind and wealth to God.
12-03-2012, Monday
Essence: Sweet children, stay awake at night and earn an income. Instil the habit of waking up at amrit vela.  
Question: What is the method to keep the intoxication you experience permanent when you come into knowledge?
Answer: When you first come and new into knowledge your intoxication rises very high. At that time you promise yourself many things. Baba says: Note those promises down in your diary and then continue to revise them and your intoxication will remain permanent. Otherwise, when you become caught in the storms of Maya, that intoxication decreases. If, while moving along, you make a mistake, instantly tell Baba about it and become light so that you don’t make the same mistake again. Otherwise, it will continue to increase.
Song: Have mercy for those who are unhappy, Mother and Father of mine.
Essence for dharna:
1. Become completely soul conscious in this beggary life. Don’t have too much greed for anything. Whatever you receive is fine. It is better to die than to ask for anything.
2. Don’t keep any of your own arrogance but give a status to the mothers. Become as incorporeal and egoless as the Father. Donate the wealth of knowledge.
Blessing: May you be master merciful and, transform the world of sorrow and suffering by letting your feelings of mercy emerge.
Slogan: When both the wings of knowledge and yoga are strong, you will be able to experience the flying stage.
13-03-2012, Tuesday

Essence: Sweet Children, you have received good sense from the Father and the locks on your intellects have opened . Therefore, it is your duty to give everyone the co-operation of your intellects .
Question: What desire is created within you children at the confluence age which only the Father fulfills ?
Answer: At the confluence age, you children desire to go to heaven . Previously, you never even  thought that you would go to heaven . This new desire is created now and only the Father fulfills it . When this desire is fulfilled, you will not have any more desires . It is sung that nothing is lacking in the treasure-store of the deities .
Song: At last the day for which we had been waiting has come….
Essence for dharna 
1.Be very cautious at every step . do not become confused when following shrimat . Never defame the clan .
2.In order to go to the Father, settle all your accounts . make full effort to become bodiless .
Blessing: May you be constantly happy and carefree by staying under the canopy of the Father’s protection and remain safe from the shadow of Maya .
The means to save yourself from the shadow of Maya is the Father’s canopy of protection. To remain under the canopy of protection means to remain happy. You have handed over all your worries to the Father. Those who lose their happiness become  weak and they can then be influenced by the shadow of Maya because weakness invokes Maya. If there is the shadow of Maya, even in your dreams, you will continue to be distressed and you will have to battle. Therefore, constantly remain under the Father’s canopy of protection. Remembrance is the canopy of protection. 
Slogan: Those who have love for the murali are master murlidhar .
14-03-2012, Wednesday
Essence: Sweet Children, experience happiness as you repeatedly remember the God. Remember the Father and all the pain and suffering of the body will be removed and you will become free from disease .
Question: At this time you children are on a battlefield, and so what is the basis of your victory and defeat ?
Answer: By your following shrimat, there is victory and by following the dictates of your own mind or those of others, there is defeat . On one side are those who follow the dictates of Ravan and on the other side are those who follow the directions of Rama . The father says: children, Ravan has harassed you a great deal . Now connect your intellect’s yoga to Me and you will become the masters of the world . If you follow the dictates of your own mind for one reason or another, or if there is any conflict and you stop studying, Maya will turn your face away and you will be defeated . Therefore remain, very, very cautious .
Song: Look at the condition Your world in, dear God….
Essence for dharna
1.Renounce body consciousness and remember Baba internally so that your final thoughts lead you to your destination. Make your intellect golden-aged through remembrance.
2.Never stop studying because of following the dictates of your own mind or due to conflict of opinion . Keep your face towards heaven and forget hell .
Blessing: May you be a holy swan and finish any waste of impurity and become completely clean .
Slogan: If the boat and the boatman are strong, even storms become a gift.
15-03-2012, Thursday
Essence: Sweet children, have true love for the one Father. Follow His shrimat and this will break your attachment away from all your friends and relatives.  
Question: Which words can only be spoken by the Father and by no human being?  
Answer: I, the Father of you souls, have come to teach you. I will take you back home with Me. No human being, only the Father, has the power to speak these words. You have the faith that this new knowledge is for the new world and that the spiritual Father Himself is teaching us. We are Godly students.
Song: No one is Unique like the Lord….
Essence for dharna:
1.Do not get trapped by attachment to relations. You must become free from bondage with internal honesty and cleanliness. You have to settle your account of sinful actions.
2.You have to do service sweetly and with completely tactful words. Make effort and pass with good marks. 

Blessing: May you be a conqueror of Maya and a conqueror of the world and gain victory over the power of Maya with the power of knowledge and yoga.
In the world, there is the power of science, the power of a kingdom and the power of devotion. However, you have the power of knowledge and yoga. This is the most elevated power of all. This power of yoga makes you constantly victorious over Maya. The power of Maya is nothing in front of this power. Souls who are conquerors of Maya cannot be defeated even in their dreams. Even their dreams would be powerful. Always have the awareness that you are a soul with the power of yoga; you are constantly victorious and will remain victorious. 
Slogan: To remain free from the bondage of actions while performing actions is to become an angel. 

16-03-2012, Friday
Essence: Sweet Children, forget the consciousness of your old bodies . Remove your attachment from them and you will receive first-class bodies. Those bodies are already finished .
Question: What is the firm discipline of this drama that human beings don’t know ?
Answer: When there is knowledge, there is no devotion and when there is devotion there is no knowledge. When the world is pure, there is no impure beings and when the world is impure, there are no pure beings. This is the firm discipline of the drama that human beings don’t know about .
Question: what would you call the true sacrifice to Kashi ?
Answer: not to remember anyone at the end. Let there be the remembrance of only the one Father. This is the true sacrifice to Kashi, To sacrifice yourself to Kashi means to pass with honour so that there isn’t the slightest punishment experienced .
Song: I have come to your doorstep having taken an oath…
Essence for dharna
1.Don’t cause anyone sorrow through your thoughts, words or deeds. Don’t keep anything of anyone in your heart. Become an ocean of love, the same as the Father.
2.Sit in solitude and churn the ocean of knowledge . Churn knowledge and then explain with love. Become Baba’s helper in service.
Blessing: May you be completely knowledgeable and yogi by knowing the importance of the confluence age and becoming merged in the experience of love .
Slogan: Those who remain beyond any feeling of waste become conqueror of Maya .
17-03-2012, Saturday
Essence: Sweet children, God, the One whom the whole world is remembering is personally sitting in front of you . Claim our full inheritance from such a Father; do not forget Him.
Question: Which children have the power to follow the Father’s shrimat accurately ?
Answer: Those who tell the Father their chart accurately and take advice from the Father at every step . When you take advice from the father, you also receive the power to follow it . The Father gives you children shrimat: Don’t miss out on earning this income while chasing after that income because that income worth a few pennies is going to end . Take shrimat in every situation and remain very cautious and move carefully . Don’t allow the dictates of your own mind .
Song: Leave Your throne of the sky and come down to earth….
Essence for dharna       
1.Become as ego less and humble as the Father . Do your own service for yourself . Don’t show your ego in any situation .
2.Always remain ready for service . Offer yourself for service . Do the service of making human beings who are worth shells in to diamonds .
Blessing: May you have a right to the first number by becoming powerful through avyakt sustenance and, even though you have come last, go fast.
Souls who have an avyakt part have easily received the fortune of making effort at a fast speed. This avyakt sustenance will easily make you powerful . Therefore, whoever wants to move forward can do that as much as possible . At this time, you receive the blessing of coming last and going fast, going fast and coming first . So, use this blessing, that is, put this blessing into practical form according to the time . Use whatever you have received and you will receive the right to claim the first number .
Slogan: Remain set on the seat of self-respect and you will automatically receive everyone’s respect .
18-03-2012, Sunday
Avyakt Bapdada Revised 25-11-1995

Become free from following dictates  of others, thinking of others and looking at others, and become one who uplifts others

Blessing May you be an embodiment of success and attain success in your words and deeds with the seed of thought .
The thoughts that enter your intellect are the seed . Words and deeds are the expansion of the seed. If you check your thoughts, that is, the seed by remaining stable in the trikaldarshi stage, and make your stage powerful you will then automatically have success in your words and deeds . If the seed is not powerful then even words and deeds do not have the power to bring about success . you definitely had become embodiment of success in the living form for that is how souls attain success through your non-living images .
Slogan: Burn the rubbish of waste with the fire of yoga and your intellect will become clean .
19-03-2012, Monday
Essence: Sweet Children, if you want to claim the inheritance of constant happiness from the the unlimited Father, remove all the defects from within you . Study well & also teach others .
Question: What special virtue do you need in order to become an instrument for service in the same way as the Father ?
Answer: ‘Tolerance’ . don’t be too attached to the body . All your actions should be through the strength and might of yoga . when all internal ills of vices end through the power of yoga, you will become a Father-like instrument of service of humanity .
Question: Through which great sin, does the intellect becomes locked ?
Answer: Indulging in in vices ‘after’ belonging to the Father is referred to as the ‘The great sin’ . Thus one defames the Father and under influence of one’s own ghosts of vices does disservice by not being faithful and obedient .
Song: Who has come to the door of my mind with the sound of ankle bells ???
Essence for dharna
1.Do not perform any sinful actions through physical organs or behave in a way that would make other people have bad wishes for you .
2.Remove the ugliness of the ghosts of vices within you due to body-consciousness . Beauty yourself with ornaments of divine knowledge and become an obedient child .
Blessing: May you experience the stage of a tri-kaal-darshi(knower of all three Aspects of time) with a divine intellect and there by become an embodiment of success.
The special gift of Brahmin life is the Divine Intellect . With it you can clearly know the Father, yourself and all the three aspects of past-present-future time periods . You know of Golden Age in past, the Diamond age in present and the Golden-Aged future shall repeat itself again in future . A Divine Intellect allows you to imbibe all the powers and experience the stage of a Tri-Kaal-Darshi . Your actions shall reflect the thinking process of consequences beforehand .
Slogan: In order to make a right decision, remain stable in a carefree stage of Spiritual Intoxication .
20-03-2012, Tuesday         
Essence: Sweet Children, This is your final birth .Therefore, renounce the vices . In the final birth, liberate yourself from the chains of Ravan .
Question: Which children receive the Father’s support ? With which children is the Father always pleased ?
Answer: The children with honest hearts receive the Father’s support . It is said that the Lord is pleased with an honest heart . The Father is pleased with those who put every direction of His into practice . The Father’s directions are to stay in remembrance, become pure and do service to show others the path: to take care of yourself in the company of shudras and not to perform wrong actions through your physical senses . The Father is pleased with those who imbibe all of these things .
Song: The heart says thanks to the One who has given it support…
Essence for dharna
1.Remove your attachment from this decayed world and decayed body and remember the Father and the Home . Protect yourself from the company of shudras .
2.In order to become a conqueror of sinful action , wake up at amrit vela and stay in remembrance . Practice becoming detached from your body .
Blesssing: May you be a master Bestower of happiness who becomes an embodiment of happiness and gives everyone happiness .
To be a confluence-aged Brahmin means there is no name or trace of sorrow because children of the Bestower of Happiness are master Bestower of happiness . How can those who are master bestowers of happiness, embodiments of happiness be in sorrow ? With your intellect you have stepped away from the land of sorrow . You yourselves remain embodiments of happiness and you also constantly give happiness to others . Just as the Father always gives happiness to all souls, in the same way, the Father’s task is also the children’s task . Even if others are causing you sorrow, you can not cause them sorrow . Your slogan is: Do not cause sorrow, do not take sorrow .
Slogan: Imbibe the balance of remaining cheerful and being serious and mature and remain in a stable stage .
21-03-2012, Wednesday      
Essence: Sweet children, see the Father with the third eye of knowledge and only remember the Father . while seeing this body, do not see it .
Question: What direction have you children received while living in this world ?
Answer: Sweet Children; this old world in which you are living is to become a graveyard . There is the kingdom of Ravan over it, and you must therefore not attach your hearts to it . While living here, your intellect should be attracted to the new world . You may live in your households, but become as pure as a lotus . Fulfill your responsibility to everyone . Let your intellect’s yoga be connected to the one Father . Become firm in knowledge and yoga . Due to no circumstances should the mercy of your happiness fall . Have patience and continue to cut away the karmic bondages .
Song: Have patience, O man ! your days of happiness are about to come….
Essence for dharna
1.Become the Godly Salvation Army and take the sinking boat of the world across . You have to change human beings who are worthless shells into valuable diamonds . Do not be misery in donating the wealth of knowledge .
2.Attach your heart to the Father and the new world . Have unlimited distastes for this old world.
Blessing: May you be constantly carefree by having the awareness of your unlimited right and by staying in limitless happiness .
Nowadays, even if people receives what is ordinarily their right, they do so with so much effort whereas you have received all rights without any effort . To be a child means to claim your right. You accept Baba as yours and you receive the right . So, it is the wonder of ‘myself’ , the elevated soul, who has all rights . Maintain the happiness of this unlimited right . This imperishable right is fixed and where something is fixed, you remain carefree .
Slogan: With everyone’s blessings fly at a fast speed and you will easily cross over any mountain of problems.
22-03-2012, Thursday      

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